This refresher course is perfect for anyone wanting to refresh their skills, to book this course an acrylic extension certificate is needed.


A non refundable deposit of £40.00 is required to book the course, the full amount will then need to be paid 2 week prior to the course date.


To ensure the highest standards of training, students will be required to pass a theory test prior to undertaking their practical training. Once the course is paid for in full, the student is provided with a detailed course manual (on-line) and required to pass a theory test, also conducted on-line. This ensures students come to the course well prepared, so they get the most from their practical training. The practical training is structured around the course material, which is divided into four parts.

1. Anatomy and physiology of the nail (comprising 4 sub-sections).
2. The Treatment (comprising 7 sub-sections).
3. Hygiene, Health & Safety (comprising 7 sub-sections).
4. Regulatory and statutory requirements (comprising 13 sub-sections).

Emphasis is placed on the student understanding the practicalities of providing a profess